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"In the desert, things find a way to survive. Secrets are like this, too. They push their way up through the sands of deception, so men can know them."

July 21, 2020

With an update schedule of twice per year (i.e. inbetween semesters), I can only improve!

This semester has been somewhat tumultuous for me — as it has been for all of us, with Covid-19 raging — but at least I've gotten the hang of various digital meeting solutions! And for the last few months Norway has been partly opening up again, so things are slowly going back to normal here.

A few things have been happening in my life. My fiancé Jovana is pregnant! This actually happened almost nine months ago; the due date is 31st of July! (In other words, very soon.) I'm very happy, and a little nervous about it, but for the most part I think we're ready for it. I want to mention this here on my personal web site, but I don't want to post a lot of pictures of The Little One here, and this is something Jovana and I have talked about and are in agreement on. This also means that we won't be posting pictures and videos on Instagram, Facebook, and the like. We want this to be something he (it's a boy, by the way) should be able to decide for himself once he's old enough.

I also got a summer job at my university, which has just ended and lasted four weeks, and was tons of fun! It's an intensive course in mathematics and physics which lasts six weeks (four weeks of mathematics and two weeks of physics) for people who want to enter an engineering course at the university, but don't have high school-equivalent passing grades. Two other students and I were hired to teach these courses. I taught most of the mathematics part, and nothing of the physics part (due to Jovana's due date). It has been a wonderful experience for me, and I've learned a lot from it (from using Beamer to produce LaTeX slides, to different methods of teaching different people, to how to actually use time effectively in front of a podium).

I've also started writing a book! I don't want to say too much about it, not even what it's about, not yet. ;-)

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