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"Genies of death, patiently awaiting the rubbing of the lamps."

September 8, 2020

I spent some time doing janitorial work on the Links page, mostly culling links, but also adding some. I culled...

  • from Games section: 3D Logic, Gridlock, Shyguy's Cave of Death, and TrackMania Nations
  • entire Gaming encyclopedias section
  • from People section: Jean-François Im, Jeff Dee
  • from Science section: Ebon Musings
  • entire Collection sites section (which only consisted of Galbadia Hotel)
  • from deviantART section: PolishPanties
  • entire Four-days-a-week schedule web comic section (which only consisted of Drawing Board)
  • from Haphazard web comic secion: Miscellanea and Nearing Zero
  • from Frozen web comic secion: Concerned and Decorum

In addition, I renamed the link to Massimo Pigliucci's web site Rationally Speaking Podcast, and moved it to the Podcasts section, and renamed the Books section the Literature section, into which I put The Internet Speculative Fiction Database (which I use when researching books for my Books page) and The Pulp Magazines Project (which I mainly use for reading old science fiction).

I have a huge backlog of books to review and add to the database, but I can at least mention the latest book I read, Ralph 124C 41+. (More coming very soon!)

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