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"Good runners still get tired; they just get tired at higher speeds."

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Listing books by Brian W. Aldiss (10)

Author info

Author name:
Brian W. Aldiss
Full name:
Brian Wilson Aldiss
Pen names:
Jael Cracken, Dr. Peristyle and C. C. Shackleton

As author (4)

by Brian W. Aldiss and 2 more
Front of _Helliconia Winter_
Series: Helliconia (3/3)

As writer of foreword (1)

by Olaf Stapledon and 2 more
Front of _Star Maker_
Pub. series: SF Masterworks (n/m)

As contributor (5)

by Harlan Ellison and 34 more
Front of _Dangerous Visions_
by Christopher Evans and 14 more
Front of _Other Edens_

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