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21 Lessons for the 21st Century

Yuval Noah Harari (author) and Marc Quinn (covers)
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Jonathan Cape
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Table of Contents:
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  • Introduction

Part I: The Technological Challenge

  • 1 Disillusionment: The End of History Has Been Postponed
  • 2 Work: When You Grow Up, You Might Not Have a Job
  • 3 Liberty: Big Data Is Watching You
  • 4 Equality: Those Who Own the Data Own the Future

Part II: The Political Challenge

  • 5 Community: Humans Have Bodies
  • 6 Civilization: There Is Just One Civilization in the World
  • 7 Nationalism: Global Problems Need Global Answers
  • 8 Religion: God Now Serves the Nation
  • 9 Immigration: Some Cultures Might Be Better than Others

Part III: Despair And Hope

  • 10 Terrorism: Don't Panic
  • 11 War: Never Underestimate Human Stupidity
  • 12 Humility: You Are Not the Center of the World
  • 13 God: Don't Take the Name of God in Vain
  • 14 Secularism: Acknowledge Your Shadow

Part IV: Truth

  • 15 Ignorance: You Know Less than You Think
  • 16 Justice: Our Sense ofJustice Might Be Out of Date
  • 17 Post-Truth: Some Fake News Lasts Forever
  • 18 Science Fiction: The Future Is Not What You See in the Movies

Part V: Resilience

  • 19 Education: Change Is the Only Constant
  • 20 Meaning: Life Is Not a Story
  • 21 Meditation: Just Observe
  • Acknowledgments
  • Notes
  • Index

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