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Children of Dune

Frank Herbert (author) and Vincent Di Fate (covers)
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Ace Books
Novel and science fiction
Dune (3/6)
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The book is set nine years after the events in Dune Messiah. The greening of Arrakis is well underway, and people from all over the known universe arrive to experience the greening of the planet. Leto and Ghanima, under the guardianship of their aunt Alia, discover that Alia is possessed by the old Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. (Someone thus possessed is called an Abomination.)

Meanwhile there are rumors of a strange man walking in the desert, preaching against the religious hierarchy, known only as The Preacher. Some Fremen believe this to be Paul Muad'Dib, even though it's thought that he went into the desert to die when blinded in Dune Messiah.

The book mainly follows Leto and Ghanima as they discover that there is an attempt on their lives by the princess Wensicia of House Corrino. When the assassination attempt is carried out, Leto is wounded but escapes, and Ghanima forces herself to believe he is dead in order for Leto to carry out his plan of the Golden Path, which in Leto's eyes is the only way for humanity to survive.

Through a series of events, Leto imbibes incredible amounts of the spice, giving him prescient vision never before seen, which, combined with his being pre-born, sets him further along his Golden Path, involving his infusing his skin with sandtrout (the precursor to sandworms), giving him superhuman strength, agility, and protection against conventional weapons. He eventually installs himself as emperor, and rules with an iron fist.


A brilliant read, not least because of the tight writing. The chapters flow really well, and I was engaged all the way through, although I had to stop at times to read up on terms or events in the previous two books that I'd forgotten. (A dedicated Wiki is recommended!)

I can definitely recommend this novel.

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