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The Heart of the Hunter

Laurens van der Post (author) and Maurice Wilson (illustrator)
Hogarth Press
Folklore and travel
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Table of Contents:
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Part One: World Lost

  • 1 Unexpected Encounter
  • 2 The Heart of a Star
  • 3 Tame Bushman
  • 4 Ratel and Honey-Diviner
  • 5 Man and Desert
  • 6 A Bravery of Birds
  • 7 "Go in Peace, Moren"

Part Two: World Between

  • 8 Time of the Hyaena
  • 9 The Black-out
  • 10 Love, the Aboriginal Tracker

Part Three: World Regained

  • 11 Dxui—Creation and Re-creation
  • 12 Dxui and Mantis
  • 13 Homesick for a Story
  • 14 The Saga of Mantis
  • 15 The Dawn's Heart
  • 16 Sun, Wind and Rain
  • 17 The Beautiful Eland
  • 18 "Light to all the People"

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