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"When I talk about myself, all sorts of other factors — values, standards, my own limitations — make me, the narrator, select and eliminate things about me, the narratee."

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Star Maker

Olaf Stapledon (author), Brian W. Aldiss (foreword) and Les Edwards (covers)
Original language:
Novel and science fiction
Publisher series:
SF Masterworks
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Table of Contents:
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One: The Earth

  1. The Starting Point
  2. Earth Among the Stars

Two: Interstellar Travel

Three: The Other Earth

  1. On the Other Earth
  2. A Busy World
  3. Prospects of the Race

Four: I Travel Again

Five: Worlds Innumerable

  1. The Diversity of Worlds
  2. Strange Mankinds
  3. Nautiloids

Six: Intimations of the Star Maker

Seven: More Worlds

  1. A Symbiotic Race
  2. Composite Beings
  3. Plant Men and Others

Eight: Concerning the Explorers

Nine: The Community of Worlds

  1. Busy Utopias
  2. Intermundane Strife
  3. A Crisis in Galactic History
  4. Triumph in a Sub-galaxy
  5. The Tragedy of the Perverts
  6. A Galactic Utopia

Ten: A Vision of the Galaxy

Eleven: Stars and Vermin

  1. The Many Galaxies
  2. Disaster in our Galaxy
  3. Stars
  4. Galactic Symbiosis

Twelve: A Stunted Cosmical Spirit

Thirteen: The Beginning and the End

  1. Back to the Nebulae
  2. The Supreme Moment Nears
  3. The Supreme Moment and After

Fourteen: The Myth of Creation

Fifteen: The Maker and His Works

  1. Immature Creating
  2. Mature Creating
  3. The Ultimate Cosmos and the Eternal Spirit

Sixteen: Epilogue: Back to Earth

  • A Note on Magnitude
  • Time Scales
  • Glossary

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