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The Shining

Stephen King (author)
Original language:
Hodder & Stoughton
Horror and novel
Shining (1/2)
Publication year:
Original publication year:
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Table of Contents:
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  • Introduction

Part One: Prefatory Matters

  • Chapter One: Job Interview
  • Chapter Two: Boulder
  • Chapter Three: Watson
  • Chapter Four: Shadowland
  • Chapter Five: Phonebooth
  • Chapter Six: Night Thoughts
  • Chapter Seven: In Another Bedroom

Part Two: Closing Day

  • Chapter Eight: A View of the Overlook
  • Chapter Nine: Checking It Out
  • Chapter Ten: Hallorann
  • Chapter Eleven: The Shining
  • Chapter Twelve: The Grand Tour
  • Chapter Thirteen: The Front Porch

Part Three: The Wasps' Nest

  • Chapter Fourteen: Up On the Roof
  • Chapter Fifteen: Down in the Front Yard
  • Chapter Sixteen: Danny
  • Chapter Seventeen: The Doctor's Office
  • Chapter Eighteen: The Scrapbook
  • Chapter Nineteen: Outside 217
  • Chapter Twenty: Talking to Mr. Ullman
  • Chapter Twenty-One: Night Thoughts
  • Chapter Twenty-Two: In the Truck
  • Chapter Twenty-Three: In the Playground
  • Chapter Twenty-Four: Snow
  • Chapter Twenty-Five: Inside 217

Part Four: Snowbound

  • Chapter Twenty-Six: Dreamland
  • Chapter Twenty-Seven: Catatonic
  • Chapter Twenty-Eight: 'It Was Her!'
  • Chapter Twenty-Nine: Kitchen Talk
  • Chapter Thirty: 217 Revisited
  • Chapter Thirty-One: The Verdict
  • Chapter Thirty-Two: The Bedroom
  • Chapter Thirty-Three: The Snowmobile
  • Chapter Thirty-Four: The Hedges
  • Chapter Thirty-Five: The Lobby
  • Chapter Thirty-Six: The Elevator
  • Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Ballroom

Part Five: Matters of Life and Death

  • Chapter Thirty-Eight: Florida
  • Chapter Thirty-Nine: On the Stairs
  • Chapter Forty: In the Basement
  • Chapter Forty-One: Daylight
  • Chapter Forty-Two: Mid-Air
  • Chapter Forty-Three: Drinks on the House
  • Chapter Forty-Four: Conversations at the Party
  • Chapter Forty-Five: Stapleton Airport, Denver
  • Chapter Forty-Six: Wendy
  • Chapter Forty-Seven: Danny
  • Chapter Forty-Eight: Jack
  • Chapter Forty-Nine: Hallorann, Going Up the Country
  • Chapter Fifty: Redrum
  • Chapter Fifty-One: Hallorann Arrives
  • Chapter Fifty-Two: Wendy and Jack
  • Chapter Fifty-Three: Hallorann Laid Low
  • Chapter Fifty-Four: Tony
  • Chapter Fifty-Five: That Which Was Forgotten
  • Chapter Fifty-Six: The Explosion
  • Chapter Fifty-Seven: Exit
  • Chapter Fifty-Eight: Epilogue/Summer

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