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The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails

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Prometheus Books
Anthology, essay, religion and skepticism
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Table of Contents:
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  • Foreword by Dan Barker
  • Introduction

Part 1: Why Faith Fails

  • Chapter 1: The Cultures of Christianities (David Eller, PhD)
  • Chapter 2: Christian Belief through the Lens of Cognitie Science (Valerie Tarico, PhD)
  • Chapter 3: The Malleability of the Human Mind (Jason Long, PhD)
  • Chapter 4: The Outsider Test for Faith Revisited (John W. Loftus)

Part 2: Why the Bible Is Not God's Word

  • Chapter 5: The Cosmology of the Bible (Edward T. Babinski)
  • Chapter 6: The Bible and Modern Scholarship (Paul Tobin)
  • Chapter 7: What We've Got Here Is a Failure to Communicate (John W. Loftus)

Part 3: Why the Christian God Is Not Perfectly Good

  • Chapter 8: Yahweh Is a Moral Monster (Hector Avalos, PhD)
  • Chapter 9: The Darwinian Problem of Evil (John W. Loftus)

Part 4: Why Jesus Is Not the Risen Son of God

  • Chapter 10: Jesus: Myth and Method (Robert M. Price, PhD)
  • Chapter 11: Why the Resurrection Is Unbelievable (Richard Carrier, PhD)
  • Chapter 12: At Best Jesus Was a Failed Apocalyptic Prophet (John W. Loftus)

Part 5: Why Society Does Not Depend on Christian Faith

  • Chapter 13: Christianity Does Not Provide the Basis for Morality (David Eller, PhD)
  • Chapter 14: Atheism Was Not the Cause of the Holocaust (Hector Avalos, PhD)
  • Chapter 15: Christianity Was Not Responsible for Modern Science (Richard Carrier, PhD)
  • Contributors

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