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"Cook — Remember to serve the ballerinas only a light supper the night of a performance, lest we have a repeat of little Catherine's unwelcome addition to Thursday night's show. Consider this your first and only warning."


This page records all (or almost all) of the books in my library. A book can be written by many authors (though most are written by only one) and a book can be in many categories (though most are in only one or two), which means that a given book may appear in more than one place. The number in parenthesis indicates how many books are in a category, etc. You also get an indication of whether I've read the book or not.

The inspiration for this page comes mostly from Alex Holden's Book Catalogue (now only available from Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, unfortunately), which is wonderful, and which I hope I haven't emulated too badly.

Spoiler Warning

I try to keep my reviews and synopses as spoiler-free as I can, but inevitably some creep in! This is especially true for series, where to describe Book Two requires some recapping of events in Book One. In recapping I still try to avoid spoilers, but I don't guarantee it.

Currently Reading

Currently reading no books. Surely, this can't be right... Contact me and tell me to read something!


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