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This page records all (or almost all) of the books in my library. A book can be written by many authors (though most are written by only one) and a book can be in many categories (though most are in only one or two), which means that a given book may appear in more than one place. The number in parenthesis indicates how many books are in a category, etc.

The inspiration for this page comes mostly from Alex Holden's Book Catalogue (now only available from Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, unfortunately), which is wonderful, and which I hope I haven't emulated too badly.

Spoiler Warning

I try to keep my reviews and synopses as spoiler-free as I can, but inevitably some creep in! This is especially true for series, where to describe Book Two requires some recapping of events in Book One. In recapping I still try to avoid spoilers, but I don't guarantee it.

Currently Reading

Front of Chapterhouse: Dune.
Universe: Duniverse
Series: Dune (6/6)


There are 102 categories.

Universes and Series

The list of series is split in two: Those that are part of a universe, and those that aren't.


There are 32 universes.


There are 184 series that aren't part of a universe.

Publisher series

There are 46 publisher series.



Original Languages


There are 2100 authors. See list of authors.


There are 219 publishers. See list of publishers.

List of Books

There are 1268 books. See list of books.


Full title Displays the full title of a book. If it has a subtitle and/or extended title, this will also be displayed.
Original title If the book is a translated version, the title in the original language will be displayed here.
Alternative title The alternative title. Common for older works.
Translated title If both the title and original title is in a non-English language, this gives the title in English. If there is no English title, I attempt a translation.
Transliterated title If the title is written in a non-Latin script (e.g. kanji or Cyrillic), this field will display the transliteration (link to Wikipedia).
Author This lists the author (or authors) of the book, including authors with "roles" (illustrator, editor, etc.). Also displays the pseudonym under which the book was written, if any.
Language Self-explanatory.
Publisher Self-explanatory.
Categories Most books are in more than one category. The category is sort of a mix between genre, theme, and subject matter. Think of it like tags (which it really is).
Universe Indicates the universe the book is set in, if any.
Series Indicates the series a book is in, if any. If the series is numbered, this will be indicated in parenthesis, like this: (n/m) where n is the book's position in the series and m is the total amount of books in the series.
Publisher series Indicates the publisher series the book is in, if any.
Publication year Self-explanatory.
Original publication year The year the book was originally published, even if by another publisher.
ISBN Gives the ISBN associated with the book. Not all the books have an ISBN, especially old books.
Online version Some books are only published online; in these cases, a link is provided. Some older books that are in the public domain are also linked to.
Pages Gives the number of pages.
Synopsis Gives an overview of the book.
Review Gives a review of the book.
Images Most books have scans from the front, back, and spine. For dust jackets, the flaps are also scanned. Click on an image for an enlarged version. All scans are at least 1000px high, more if it's a big book or the cover art is pretty. My policy is that all the text should be legible. I used to scan at 300 DPI, but now I always scan at 600 DPI; if you want the original scan for a book or a group of books, contact me.
Table of Contents Shows the table of contents. It gets hidden by default using JavaScript; click [Toggle visibility] to see it.